「鑊鑊新鮮鑊鑊甘」展覽——回應「1.5米」訪談計劃的重生四部曲, 字花,文:林靖敏   link

For care to come through political dissent – the story of Hong Kong-based artists Stephanie Sin and Suifong Yim, un Magazine issue 14.1, text by Yang Yeung  link


藝術新貌   通幽動微 ╴ 嚴瑞芳,號外雜誌,文:Samwai Lam link


Yim Sui Fong solo exhibition: A Room of Resistance curated by Susi Law, Art Appraisal Club, text by Yang Yeung    link


嚴瑞芳《一介之逆》 抗爭姿態之鍛鍊,明周,文:盧燕珊  link


香港藝術家如何詮釋「父親」, COBO Social,文:Fizen Yuen, link


RTHK radio 5第五台,藝術家的腦袋  /#45 一個人的歷史 link


RTHK radio 5 第五台,藝術家的腦袋  /#70這件作品完滿了嗎  link

Two Hong Kong Artists Tackling Social Issues, Perspective, written by John Batten

Social Conscience, International Association of Art Critics Hong Kong, written by John Batten link

No Place like Home - A reflection on From Vanishing to Creation: A Dialogue about Urban Transition, a panel discussion accompanying the WMA Exhibition Transition  link

Hong Kong Soft Power. Art Practices in the Special Administrative Region 2005-2014. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 2018. Author: Professor Frank Vigneron   link

廿年前後話「2017的想像」,明報周刊,撰文: Janice  link

鴿子、機器人及其他:〈廿年回歸前後話〉展覽筆記,查映嵐 link

重演戴卓爾跌倒一幕,立場新聞,撰文:吉暝水  link

三個藝術展重現九七  在歷史中重思香港當下,香港01,撰文: 鄧詠瑤  link

Hong Kong handover-themed exhibitions give artists freedom to explore political landscape, SCMP, written by Enid Tsui link