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2019. 9. 28  - 10. 18



開幕:2019. 9. 27,  7pm

​地點:JCCAC,L0 Gallery


Yim Sui Fong
A Room of Resistance


2019. 9. 28 - 10. 18

Yim Sui Fong constructs A Room of Resistance as a form of perceptual narrative in a series of books, performances, video installations, images and sound. Drawing on interviews and researching Hong Kong's history she uses subtle examples of reverse power or resistance, momentary fragments and passing moments, contentious historical facts and periods of time. Extending her previous work, she now explores the instinctive resistance that individuals and groups have against restless social conditions. Using these moments of “uncertainty” as a starting point, these new works show the possibilities of community building, associations and resistance.

Opening:2019. 9. 27,  7pm

Venue:JCCAC, L0 Gallery

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