at WMA Space

Since 2020, we have learnt to be mindful of the things we touch throughout the day… currency notes, our phones, elevator buttons. In July of the same year, Dr. Quentin J. Lee, an Alabama principal, sang a rap song about Covid to MC Hammer’s classic hit of U Can’t Touch This. The parody went viral overnight.


The upcoming exhibition at WMA, ‘Can’t touch this!’ is facilitated by visual artist Angela Su. It was conceived as an extension to ‘Faces under Masks’, a book project initiated by journalist-turned urbanist Chloe Lai. The project consists of interviews with 10 Hongkongers that document divergent experiences of the pandemic, with photo documentations by field research photographer Tse Pak Chai. Three visual artists, Siu Wai Hang, Yim Sui Fong and Kenji Wong Wai Kin were invited to create visual responses to the project.


‘Can’t touch this!’ will be held on the occasion of the release of Chloe Lai’s book.

Exhibition 9/3 - 23/5/2021
WMA Space
Link: https://wma.hk/event-inner/?programme_id=&item_id=1197