The Voices


collected memo from street, plastic tubes, sound object, kinetic motors, electronic controller, LED light, photo prints

由試錯(trial and error)的方法製造的噪音裝置,把在街上搜集到不同質地的傳單、memo紙、文宣,成為塑膠管中振動發聲的部分。



An installation of noise created through trial and error. Paper material of various textures were placed as resonators inside plastic tubes, ranging from flyers, memo notes and propaganda.

A kinetic sculpture consisting of twenty-one vibrating tubes produces a unified cacophony, amplifying and manifesting different personal perspectives, transforming traces of action from the streets into a visceral representation of society.



佈展一覽installation view:

The Voices1.jpg
The Voices2.jpg
Installation view2.jpg