The Voices


plastic tubes, sound object, kinetic motors, electronic controller, LED light, photo prints

Yim developed a dynamic sculpture through the study of sound generated by air vibration. The work is inspired by the toy Magic Noise Tube invented by the Japanese in the 1960s. She experimented based on the whistle-like sound-making principles, where the sound is determined by the vibrating thin paper or plastic chip inside, resulting in a series of moan-like and shout-like sounds, creating sounds out of errors. Yim collected the memo, slogan, poster corner from Lennon wall on street to form this non-mainstream sounds that seem like noise. When these shouts are allied, visualised and gathered into a the kinetic energy sculpture, the actions become a kind of perception in space. It’s hoped that audience can place these works in the current social time and space to create a dialogue.


2019 / 動態聲音裝置 / 尺寸場域特定  

聲體是透過研究空氣振動產生聲音的動態雕塑,啟發自60年代由日本人發明的魔法音管(Magic Noise Tube)玩具。非主流的聲音又是噪音又是魔法,我研究當中的發音原理,實驗出一系列如呻吟如吶喊的聲音,材料是在街上搜集的不同質地的傳單、memo紙、鋁罐廢物,用它們來振動發聲,是由試錯(trial and error)的方法製造出來的聲音。當這些吶喊聯盟,視像化,聚集為一種動能雕塑,把這些人類街上的行動痕跡轉化作對社會現況的某種感知。

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