The man who attends to the times


2018 – work in progress

Installation of 29 unique copies of artist book (pp144, color printing, hard cover binding)

and archival objects in 8 boxes

Installation size variable

Project supported by Oi! & WMA




This is a series of 29 artist books. The books are composed with two timelines:


1971-2000: Untracing the story behind my father’s workplace - as 29-year caretaker of the Government Supplies Department (the predecessor of Oil Street Art Space). Searching through interviewing ex-colleagues and site visit, I recollect the history of this colonial government warehouse, which was virtually undocumented previously. The uncover of the meaning of the ↑ symbol found on government supplies connect the whole story. 


2018 – 2046: I follow in my father’s footsteps, based on the tales of his daily commute. I compose the remainder of the book with documentation of the journey, using photo stickers representing that year observation and update one book annually. The ceremonial act of producing annual records creates a visual history of the city since the handover. The insertion of such personal documents gives a reinterpretation of the two timelines of history. Photography is not just an image here, it is more about an action; whereas the unique-edition book represents the monument of a father and a caretaker. This is also an experiment on time: Can I be a caretaker for 29 years?​




這是由 29本手造書組成的系列,書中有兩條時間線:

1971年 – 2000年:追溯當了29年看管員的父親與工作的地方 – 政府物料供應處(藝術空間油街實現的前身)的故事,透過訪問前同事和現場考察,為幾乎沒有留下歷史檔案的港英政府的倉庫重組歷史碎片,以尋找政府公物上「↑」符號的意義 。

2018年 – 2046年:我承襲父親走路上班的傳說,沿路拍攝。我也化身看管員,每年按當時的觀看方式,把影像製成貼紙更新書下半部的人事風景,像年度的儀式, 以個人的視覺檔案,紀錄回歸後城市的變化,建構歷史一面。



exhibition in-situ

A Room of Resistance, JCCAC, 2019 Sep 28 - Oct 18

BOOKED2021_specialproj_Yim Sui Fong_phot
BOOKED2021_specialproj_Yim Sui Fong_phot

BOOKED2021_specialproj_Yim Sui Fong_phot
BOOKED2021_specialproj_Yim Sui Fong_phot


exhibition at Tai Kwun, G04-05

BOOKED:2021, special project, 2021 Feb 25 - 28