Assembly of Disquiet : The Hymn 


3-channel video, HD  (7' 18", 7'46", 6' 38")

workshop, performance and video documentation

The Hymn of the Disquiet invites the public to utilise restless emotions to obtain motivation for creation, thereby transforming uneasiness into imagination, action-taking power, or even resistance. Through journey-like experiences, people stayed together in a remote place, practising different actions in face of uncertain states, including facing social and political atmospheres, or thinking about immigration and fleeing – they had no choice but to consider an uncertain future and a number of uncertain states. The journeys were conducted by means by sound, memory and body movements; the exercises were done with in-your-face uneasiness.


This is part of the artist on-going workshop, called Assembly of Disquiet.


2019 / 彩色 / 高清錄像投影 / 電視裝置/ 循環播放 








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