Assembly of Disquiet : The Hymn 


3-channel video, HD  (6' 28", 7'18", 6' 38" in loops)

workshop, performance and video documentation

《不安練習社》由一群人聚集討論而生的創作。不安這裡指不確定的狀態,在聚集中藝術家設計了一系列的情境,讓參加者透過討論、用聲音和身體的表達方法來研究對周遭不穩定事物的想像。練習有預演的意思,也是觀察方法。我們可以怎樣演練「不確定」 來準備未來的自己,來化解情緒與別人建立一個共存的方式?








在最後的一節中,我們把這些體會透過一起繪製翻譯不安的聲音圖譜(sound score)來編唱及展演一首代表這暫時共同體的「族歌」作結。



Assembly of Disquiet was based around a group gathering. Disquiet in this context refers to a state of uncertainty. During the discussion, artist designed a series of scenarios, allowing participants to analyse imaginary environments of uncertainty through discussion, sounds and their bodies. The gathering was devised as a method of observation, but could also be seen as a rehearsal.  How do we practice uncertainty in order to better prepare our future selves? How do we resolve emotions and create an environment for coexistence with others?


Assembly of Disquiet: The Hymn

Operated as a workshop; recruited openly; in the format of a journey. Fourteen participants from the general public were brought to a remote location to gather, referencing an unrealised proposal from the 1980s for the ‘Wholesale Migration of Hong Kong Citizens’. The workshop included two sessions of exercises and one performance.


The exercise took place within a Hakka village in Lai Chi Wo. Villagers emigrated en masse during the 1980s, the village had been virtually abandoned. In recent years, some have returned to the village, mirroring the descriptions of events from the historical proposal. I designed several exercises based on sounds, memory and body movements. The participants generated ideas for a series of uncertain futures, including political climates, migration, contemplation of escape. Participants are encouraged to channel their feelings of uncertainty to generate creative momentum, transforming it into imagination, action or even power for resistance.


In the final session, we translated our revelations into a sound score that represents this uncertainty. It was performed as a hymn that symbolises our transient tribe.

Hymn of Disquiet1.jpg

錄像 videographer : Mono Tung, Tse Chun Sing

航拍drone :  童昭安 Mono Tung

剪接 editing : 嚴瑞芳 Yim Sui Fong

混音 sound mix : 嚴瑞芳 Yim Sui Fong


特別鳴謝參加者 Special thanks to participants :


陳曉嵐 Amy Chan     

陳在心 Chan Joy Sum            

周正浩 Chau Ching Ho         

周嘉賢 Chow Ka Yin

許穎雯 Hui Wing Man           

葉潤森 Ip Yun Sum   

林永同 Lam Wing Tong         

羅偉珊 Law Wai Shan           

馬蔚婷 Ma Wai Ting  

孟曉渝 Mong Hiu Yu

譚綽琳 Tam Cheuk Lam        

黃嘉怡 Wong Ka Yi  

余安琳 Yu On Lam   

袁堅樑 Yuen Kin Leung

特別鳴謝 Special thanks to

Anna Mak

Joey Chung

Fong Sui TIng