The Fall

2010 / documentation of performance, digital print

This is the psychological need for me to jump from 2M high :

I gave a meaning of ‘flying’ by inflated the plastic bags, plastic bags offer me the impulsion and courage to leap which I have been thought for a long time.

So, we found the meaning to fall.


2010 / 行動攝影紀錄,數碼列印




* 要花九牛二虎的力,去理解這種吸力要帶我到的地方


Notes 注:

































The fireman (upper image)

Hong Kong Government Annual Report 1986, Fire drill photo. This is a rehearsal designed to man to leave the safe situation.

The Beggar (lower image)
Central, Hong Kong, the internet users called this elderly is the “Ninja”

消防員 (上方圖)

乞丐 (下方圖)
香港中環, 2010攝。躺在街上行乞的膠袋婆婆,被網友稱為「忍者亂太郎」。

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