Sound from the north

2017 / sound performance by pigeons
Location: Victoria Park, Hong Kong

The practice of fitting whistle on racing pigeon, which is common in the northern part of China but rare in Hong Kong. On 2017 June 4, I fitted 7 whistles represents 7 notes on the wild pigeons in Hong Kong Victoria Park. And let the pigeons perform the sound at their own way and own time.

In this work, I invited the audience to go to Victoria Park from 2017 June 4 to October (until the whistle fell off when the feather renewed), to wait and hear this unexpected sound performance. At the same time, the piece also respond to the Hong Kong legislature on discussing the possibility to enforce the National Anthem Law, a law that has since been passed in Mainland China.

“Freedom. All the music is freedom.”



2017 / 鴿子聲音演奏


sound from the north_still G04.jpg