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Performative Commons



site-specific reflective installation

In this double height public space spanning across the third and fourth floors, I have designed a one-way glass performance stage set within a triangular relationship. Once participants have entered the third floor space, they are able to see themselves through multiple reflections. Other spectators can observe those participants from the darkness of the fourth floor. Simultaneously, a mechanical audience casts an eye over them – a CCTV records their every step. The artist will process the footage and make them available for others to use. Within these relationships, your role can be interchangeable over time. You can be the giver or the taker.


Through the construction of this performance stage, I aim to examine and explore the question of ‘What is Common’ in the context of Mongkok street performers’ exodus (When all street performances on Sai Yeung Choi Street were banned in 2018)


When we talk about Public Space, are we referring merely to the ground surface? Does it include the ambient noises, the light intensity, the transient schedule of performances or imaginary public realms? The performance of the body can be a form of shared expression. How would you rank the expressive capacity of the act of walking? Any act performed in public inherently carries elements of sharing, but can the evidence of such sharing (recordings) be used for further sharing or creative endeavours?


I invite you to turn your act of walking into a performance. As you walk, let your silhouette see, and be seen vicariously. Whether you are indifferent to the gazing eyes or grow anxious of their presence, you will never know who the audience is or will be. You don’t have to flaunt to please the crowd. All you need to do is walk while observing your own reflections, perhaps throw in some swagger; I won’t charge you either way.



特定場域裝置, 尺寸可變









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