Making Time Machine

2011 / mixed-media installation

Making Time Machine is a community art project in the Stone Nullah Lane where centralized with metal hard ware and car repairing shops. I asked around the neighbor to teach me to make a Time Machine for recording neighbour’s own story in Wan Chai.
Elements: Wan Chai / Stone Nullah Lane / electronic district / technician / neighborhood

2011 / 混合媒介




方程式:師傅網絡+一個問一個+偶遇+意外=研發成人力發電的錄音 「時光行動機」。

The project begun with me another participating artist, Paul’s interviewed with the neighbour to recall the oral history of the district.

From the interview, we found that the people in neighbourhood have lots of specific knowledge, for instant, the owner of Yung Kee like to combine the waste materials from his dismantled job to a new product (e.g. he had made a mini elevator out of scrap metal before). Some of the technicians knows polish skill, some knows composing the engine part, some knows fixing the electronic part of the wheel… all are very specific. They know each other speciality in skills, but they may not interact with each other much.

So, from these master’s techniques, could I also make a machine to revitalize the memorial stories of these local old groups and project a future imagining story?

Thus the project aims to transform this lose social network into an innovative machine, in order to connect the neighbour through story-telling.

Therefor by asking how to make a Time Machine in 2 weeks time – a recording machines motored by human-generated-power bicycle, neighbourhood participants were invited to cycling the machine, it would then generate power for recharging a vintage music player to play the songs of 70s, at the same time a USB recorder will record their story about “where will you be 10 years from now”?

Project acknowledgement:
Wan Chai Visual Archive (Organizer)
Alvin YIP, Ling WONG (Curators)
Exhibition in-situ: 2011 Nov “ReIncarnating II: Futrue Teller”






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