Fall Down

Performative act in various locations in Hong Kong
2017 / single-channel video / HD / sound / color / 11’27”

This short film depicts a series of group/individual performances, which bridge a fine line between politics and the poetic.


In preparatory workshops before filming, the example of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is given to the performers. Her fall on a staircase in front of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on 24 September 1982 is associated as an example of fate versus self-control and as a personal experience of failure and as a 'fall down' in public status. This trilogy of interpretations is narrated in the film by the individual performers; whilst on the street they collectively fall to the ground.


2017 / 單頻錄像 / 有聲 / 彩色 / 11’27”



在演出前的工作坊中,我以英國前首相戴卓爾夫人於1982年9月24日在北京人文大會堂前跌倒的事件為引旨,討論宿命與暗示, 個人的掌控與跌倒或失敗的經驗的三部分的關聯。在街上我們把背景抽空,逐格重演跌倒的情境,旁白為參與者對這次演出的傳譯。

Special thanks to Performers

張靜頤 Cheung Ching Yee
王萱 Wang Xuan
林耀洪 Eric Lam
李廣灝 Jeff Li
凌慧珊 Heidi Ling
李頌昇 Lee Chung Sing
鄭珞璋 Max Cheng
伍沛兒 Peier Wu
余榮基 Rik, Wing Kei Yu
丁穎茵 Vivian Ting

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