The Co-op in my Dream


archival document, archival photos, mixed media installation with slide projection 



藉由英國國家檔案處沒有落實的方案:於1983年的文件(FCO 87/1618)中提出動議英國把550萬的香港人移遷到愛爾蘭的Ulster; 搜集到的80年代港人到愛爾蘭的生活照及私人收藏的物品,如幻燈片、書信文件、VHS錄影帶、紀念品;與建屋合作社成員訪問:對合作社這民主管理的社會實踐的故事; 2019年正值社會運動期間的自我組織形式的例子。


小說假設方案落實了試驗計劃, 想像移遷的人的住屋及生活系統都以合作社的形式維持所推動的一種生活狀態。作品試圖提問小說動搖對歷史想像的影響,提出想像力和行動力可以是怎樣的一種抗力?



The works are composed of a novel and installation created from four sets of historical documents.


An unrealised scheme extracted from the British National Archives: A document from 1983 (FCO 87/1618) recounts a motion to migrate 5.5 million Hong Kong people to Ulster in Ireland. A collection of candid photographs and personal memorabilia from Hong Kong people living in Ireland during the 1980s, such as film slides, letters, VHS tapes and collectibles. An interview with a member of a housing co-operative: the story of implementing such a democratically managed commune. Examples of grassroots organisations formed in support of Hong Kong’s 2019 political movement.


The novel envisions a world where the scheme was actually implemented. The migrants structure their housing and lifestyles around the co-operative concept. The work poses a question of whether fiction can influence our imagination of history. What type of resistance could one generate from imagination and action?

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