The Co-op in my Dream


texts, 1980s photos and slides, suitcase, clock, chairs, archival print and documents

The Co-op in my Dream points to a new form of prosperous life. The document (FCO 87/1618) by The National Archives (UK) in 1983 proposes that Britain move 5.5 million Hong Kong people to Ulster in Ireland. Yim Sui Fong dreamed about the housing and living systems of these emigrants operating in the form of cooperatives which inspired by current leaderless structure of Anti–Extradition Law Amendment Bill movement.


Yim recreates an alternative fictional history based on ‘found’ objects from abandoned Co-op housing in Hong Kong, ‘recorded’ Republic-ques official letters, the ideas from the declassified document (FCO 87/1618) and the mobilization method of the movement. She sees such imagination as a form of “active action” and a way of resistance to reinterpret moments in history. However, this proposal of a more ideal life is based on the fear of Hong Kong's future.

​*The work is inspired from an interview with a former Co-op housing resident in Hong Kong.


2019 / 混合媒介裝置


英國國家檔案處的文件(FCO 87/1618)中提出的動議其實當年就落實了:1983年英國把550萬的香港人移遷到愛爾蘭的Ulster,住屋及生活系統方面他們以合作社的形式維持社會運作。我在夢中見找到他們在愛爾蘭合作社舊居時的物件,及紀錄類近共和國般的社群制度的文件。



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