Black Bird Island

2017 / single-channel video / HD / color / sound / 6’32”

This is a fictional video making commentary based on 2 true stories, or timeline: a field study of sky-coastline formed by pigeon colonies after 1997 (bird being observed); an encounter of a girl being bullied (bird become an observer).

The jump cut of 2 story lines bridge the history of pigeon and hongkongers particular reflecting on the psychological suspicious insecurity incur since the handover in 1997.

This piece is based on the interview with former Hong Kong pigeon seller – Mr Leung Kam Hung and the history of the Regional Council celebrated the handover by releasing pigeons at the Sha Tin Sports Ground in 1997.

exhibition in-situ:
Talkover/handover 2.0, 1a Space, Hong Kong


2017 / 單頻道錄像, / 高清 / 彩色 / 有聲 / 6’32”




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