A Story About Collecting Stories

2011 / images & text, sound & video installation, dimension varies

‘This is a journey motored by listening and telling: I have chosen the role of a dealer of cast-offs and collected stranger’s stories on a footbridge, therefore I initiated another story’s happening.

I put an “collecting story” advertisement at the footbridge for 5 days, and then received over 80times phone calls. Finally 9 strangers agreed to meet up for telling about their stories, and I was listening. Among them is a reporter. He later put this oral stories into a local news reported in newspaper, Chengpao,  which is then turned into a 3000-word written history.

In this project, the trading form of cast-offs is changed, instead, this is an exchange through story for a psychological experience, what I was exploring is the fantasy of and the correspondence accidents initiated by story. The content realness of the documented stories through the purpose of art may be varies, but it documented the psychological call of these footbridge-pass-by in this Hong Kong society.

The work forms 3 kinds of record, which mapping the psychological traces of the story-tellers. Notebook 1 – collected stories (sound recording). Notebook 2 – my impressions towards their oneself story (video and prose). Notebook 3 – Local news printed in the newspaper ( historical record). 



2011 / 影像,文字,聲音及錄像裝置,尺寸可變

札記1 - 收集故事
札記2- 一個人喧囂

這是一個聽和說的歷程,一個傳聞成為歷史: 我在天橋上擺放了5天的收買佬廣告,前後引來80次的電話查詢。找到9個陌生人面對面說私密的故事,我在聽。其中遇到一個說故事的人是記者,他把這個口述故事報導為港聞,成為3000字的文本歷史。

在這個項目中, 收買的方式改變了,是透過故事來交換一次心理經驗,當中實驗的是人對故事的幻想及引發出的意外。以藝術之名紀錄的故事亦真亦假,可紀錄的還有是在香港社會,一條天橋上相遇之人的一些心理呼喚。

作品最後衍生為3種紀錄,是反映這些心理的軌跡的圖譜。札記 1 – 收集到的故事(聲音的紀錄)。札記2 - 我印像中的他們的一個人的故事(短片及散文)。札記3-報紙中的港聞( 歷史的紀錄)。