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Against Step



9 channel video installation

(1 HD video projection, 14’ in loop, 8 video at TV in variable lengths: 1’05” to 4’01” in loop)

 CRT TV, projector, media player, rear projection

Installation size variable


2019 /高清錄像投影 / 電視裝置/ 彩色 / 有聲 / 14’ /循環播放

逆踏是一個身體修練,去透過不斷變換身體的表現 (腳步接觸地面的方式、身體的精神狀態、有意識的小動作*),從而避過「步態識別」的監控 (這是一種對人的慣性和肢體動作辨識身份的系統)。諷刺地監控系統想把人識別,又可再而評分,把人物化地分類,而逆踏是藉著一種以放棄個人特質,捨棄自我的修練,進行一種不被定義,持續抗爭之踏舞。作品由日常手機拍下的路人短片發展而成。

Against Step is a physical practice for the human body. By constantly altering one’s movement patterns (the landing of each step, minute conscious adjustments, manifestations of mental states), one could avoid the detection of ‘Gait Recognition’ (A surveillance system that identifies individuals based on their habitual motions and limb movements). Surveillance systems mockingly attempt to identify us, categorise us, by objectifying us. Against Step is an exercise of non-predetermined movements, a continuous step dance of resistance. The price of freedom is to trade in one’s personality and to abandon oneself. The installation is developed from everyday footage of passersby captured on a mobile phone. This work developed from the video taking of everyday passersby by cell phone. ​

演出 performer : 梁天尺 Leung Tin-chak

錄像 videographer : 張才生 Samson Cheung

攝影 photographer :  童昭安 Mono Tung

剪接 editing : 嚴瑞芳 Yim Sui Fong

混音 sound mix : 嚴瑞芳Yim Sui Fong

空間設計 spatial design : 童昭安 Mono Tung

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