The Northeast “Photography of Disappearance” Tour


The principle is a counter-photoshooting. Whenever you want to take a picture, you don’t take it, but delete a photo in your mobile phone instead.


The Hong Kong tour is held in the Northeast part of New Territories. The government is planning a redevelopment of the farmland there, turning it into high-end and lucrative housing projects in the near future. This piece of greenery “will be disappeared” soon.

The Japan tour is held in the hot spring area in Fukushima. Though the radiation level is relatively lower due to mountains’ protection, the tourism industry is drastically affected by the overwhelming impression of earthquakes and radiation leak.


This “Photography of Disappearance” Tour is an action to remind people of the loss of and changes to the land we experienced, in both Hong Kong and Japan. It is also a ritual to show your mourning, and to cherish the things in front of you now. And at the end of the tour, participants have to share about what photos they deleted.
There are two deeper meanings : The best way to make sense of the real world is from memories, not photos. Also, if you learn how to cherish, you will learn to cherish not just the northeast but other things in life.

Our slogan:

Participating the violence by “deleting”, learn how to cherish from memories.

2014-09-09, the only group photo of Hong Kong Northeast Disappearing Photography Tour.
2014-09-09, the only group photo of Japan Fukushima Disappearing Photography Tour.

2014-12-06, the only group photo of Taipei – Chifeng Street Disappearing Photography Tour.











2014-09-09, 香港東北「消失攝影」團唯一合照。

2014-09-09, 日本福島「消失攝影」團唯一合照。

2014-12-06, 台灣台北-赤峰街「消失攝影」團唯一合照。

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New Territories, Hong Kong: 2014-9-9
Fukushima, Japan: 2014-9-9
Taipei, Taiwan:
2014-12-06 / 12-17 / 12-20