This is a sound installation: I recorded the repetitive signal sound in corridor of Hong Kong Metro, together with the neon light effect, and installed it inside the dome-shape room at Macau Ox warehouse. There is no metro in Macau, this daily and routine sound from Hong Kong when situated in the chamber of Ox warehouse, I wonder how it could construct an alienated but focus feeling to audience? Here what I concern is the experience audience perceived from the constructed soundscape with humane background.

corresponding exhibition:

Moving Castle: exchange exhibition of four cities (Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, Macau) by Old Ladies’ House Art Space in Macau oxwarehouse, 2006





《移動城堡》四地交流展(北京、香港、澳門和台北),牛房倉庫,澳門, 2006

METRO DISTRICT, 2006, sound installation