H↑H is a journey of exploring the suspense and dependence towards strangers, and open up a series of work on the relation of inevitability and accident.


My father was a civil servant when I was a kid. There was a sign of “H↑K” appearing in the tissue he used, and I always wonder what this upwards sign mean.

I used such arrow sign in Project H↑H in 2016. This is a journey to look for a meaning to go to the north. During this journey, I would keep my mind aimless, but it is not like totally lost, I would pay attention to everything which hinder my nerve and treat it as a sign and follow its tips, and then I will see what the North means to me.

It is because of Robin, a friend who once lived and worked in the South pole to make me started the journey.

The first time I visit his home, besides the family group photo, what I saw on the wall were various type of pictures related to the South Pole: self portrait in South Pole, exploring great team picture and motto, landscape oil painting of South Pole……And the first life story he introduced himself was his job in South Pole in 1966, he temporarily left his pregnant wife and 2 young sons.

He was a neighbor when I had a residency project in Auckland, New Zealand in 2016 February. Robin is 50 years older than me. Why made him so care about this short stay in South Pole? Is it a miraculous journey in his life? He was my age by that time.

I also found that hitchhiking is a not welcoming issue in North Island of New Zealand. From my survey of twelve neighbour resident, most of them dislike it, they will never try hitchhiking nor pick up hitchhiker. “Because this is not safe!”, the adventurer Robin didn’t support it either. There were two European tried it before, but it was a long long time ago.

This disturbance is difficult to explain or proof, the related news was not much, so I set off to understand it. I invited Robin to go with me for HéH, the target is from home to the furthest north side we could reach, without schedule, we would chat about our past happening during the road trip, listening the the stories that are half century apart, discussing about “journey”. After we resume to home base, Robin would have a new exploratory story of the north.

However, Robin rejected me on 8th February. His rejection level up my curiosity on this issue, as well as urging me to start this go-to-the-north project. And I set off on 13th February.

Figure Route Distance in between
2016.02.13 Ian, single, NEC technician Muriwai →Henderson


2016.02.14 Eric & Gavin, couple, run business on Gate Barrier Engineer Silverdale → 30km
2016.02.14 Logan, single, work at seafood process factory Warkworth → 28km
2016.02.14 Troy couple, fireman and teacher Kaiwaka → 39km
2016.02.14 Roger, single, retired Whangarei → 62km
2016.02.15 Femke, single, year out, baby sister and traveler Whangarei → Ocean beach → Waipu → Muriwai 232km

After about 200-km trip relying on strangers pick up, I met a drifting german girl, Femke, she happened lived in the same town as me in Muriwai, a remote and tiny place, we spent a day to travel in Whangarei, and then back home together.

“You are my north!”


I reported to Robin once I back from H↑H, and invited him to start another H↑H journey with me. Again he rejected me, my action could not change his mind. But then he used his own way as an active response on 23rd – drove me to the town at northern town Helensville to swim. When we picked up his son Thaddeus after the trip, I saw a blond girl opposite to me at school, couldn’t recognize at the first moment, but she come close, I would not expect to see the baby sister friend again, Femke!

H↑H accomplish a trip and this group photo – it represents a continuous way of exploring and reviewing the initial thought and belief, and so as to investigate the logic of the relation of inevitability and accident. This trip inspired me for two video work : Femke, Follow The Fall

H↑H是一個探索對陌生人的懸念與依靠的旅程,並開始一系列關於必然與偶然關係的創作 。





首次到他家聚會,牆上除了家庭照外,便是各類與南極有關的舊照:在南極工作時的個人照、Campbell Island的團體照、探索隊偉人照及名句,南極風景油畫⋯⋯而他介紹自己的第一個故事也是在南極時的工作,暫別兩名幼子及懷孕太太的1966年。




可是2月8 日Robin堅決地拒絕 了我。 他的拒絕使我對這件事的不安加劇,但同時反作用力也更大,摧促我更馬上開始去北方的計劃。終於2月13日我出發了。






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exhibition :

Everything seems the hint when you get lost, Muriwai Earthskin Residency, Auckland, New Zealand, 2016