Fall like a feather



Performative act in various locations in Hong Kong
video documentation, 12’’30”, HD, sound, color

錄像紀錄12’30”, 有聲彩色

LINK to Voice Over 



在工作坊中,我嘗試思考「 跌」與「歷史」,找出與跌相關的政治人物及事件作參考,討論宿命的暗示和個人掌控的矛盾。這預設的框架提供一個反應介面,有抗拒的有聯結的,再藉由討論某次自己為何而跌,促成這次重演。



This is a group of individual performances, we built a platform to fall, while the video documentation showcasing a trilogy of interpretation.

In the workshop, I associated the “fall” with history, , taking relevant political figures and events for reference, in the hope to discuss the signs of fate and personal control. This attempt is a planned interface for reflection. We are willing to use our own incidents of fall and share the reason behind, so as to reenact such fall.

While on the street, we bracketed the phenomenon of fall, taking away the background of why we fall, but only slowly reenact the five fell situations we come up during the workshop. In order to let the viewer base on their own experience to associate with the identity of the performers, the space, and the meaning of the behavior for them.

The piece make use of pigeon whistle and its sound effect as an instrument, combining with workshop and on-site improvised performance.



How can a fall become political?
How can’t a personal fall become poetic and political?
Can something be politically poetic and poetically political at the same time?
Can an embodiment-performative act be a mirror to reflect current social-historical background?


Special thanks to Performers

張靜頤 Cheung Ching Yee
王萱 Wang Xuan
林耀洪 Eric Lam
李廣灝 Jeff Li
凌慧珊 Heidi Ling
李頌昇 Lee Chung Sing
鄭珞璋 Max Cheng
伍沛兒 Peier Wu
余榮基 Rik, Wing Kei Yu
丁穎茵 Vivian Ting