Yim Sui-fong graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA). She is the co-founder of the artist-run organisation Rooftop Institute and member of Hong Kong artist collective, L sub.

YIM Sui-Fong is a storyteller who constructs situations that allow her to collect emotional memories from various individuals. Out of these situations, she creates new narratives where she compares their living situations and touches on topics such as seclusion, fear, and urban legends. She also uses the material derived from these documented videos to construct fictional narratives retelling hidden histories. The ambiguities of these narratives challenge the reality that is habitually perceived. Her work usually involves photos and writing, video and performative actions, as well as public engagement.

She was recently awarded the WMA Masters Award 2017/18 and finalist of Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize 2017. Her book project ‘The man who attends to the times’, commissioned by Oi!, Hong Kong (2018). Recent exhibition includes: ‘Talkover/Handover 2.0’, 1 a Space, Hong Kong (2017), ‘Mountain Sites: Views of Laoshan’, Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing, China (2016), L sub is the selected artist group to present in Hong Kong House at Echigo-Tsumari in Japan in 2020.

嚴瑞芳主要從事混合媒介及文字創作,包括透過行動和建構情境讓公眾參與創作中。作品探索人類溝通之間的誤差、傳譯和引力。在小說和歷史、身體和情感記憶, 時間和旅程之間,演釋人們如何通過重述記憶來聯繫自己與日常人事。

嚴瑞芳畢業於香港中文大學藝術系文學士及純藝術碩士。自2014 年起為藝術家組織 L sub 的核心成員,及由藝術家營運的非牟利機構天台塾聯合創辦人。


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2011                 Master of Fine Arts (MFA), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2006                Degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2004-05           Studied at University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

Visual artist, Lives and works in Hong Kong. Co-founder of Rooftop Institute. L-sub’s core member.

Solo Exhibition / Art Project

2019     Arrthymianalysis, JCCAC, Hong Kong
2018     The man who attends to the times, project supported by Oi!, Hong Kong
2016     Everything seems the hint when you get lost, Muriwai Earthskin Residency, Auckland, New Zealand
2011     a story about collecting stories, Cheng Ming, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2005    Wandering Channel, Bridge Gallery, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

Selected Group Exhibition / Art Project                                     

Hong Kong House at Echigo-Tsumari, Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Japan


Only Connect Osaka, Creative Center Osaka, Japan
Hic Sunt Leons, 798 Art Center, Beijing, China
Artists’ Film International, Whitechapel Gallery
The Wall,
Cattle Depot, Hong Kong

WMA Masters Award  2017/18- Transition, Gallery of Hong Kong Central Library, Hong Kong
Artists’ Film International Part III 2018, organized by Whitechapel Gallery, screening at Bonniers Konsthall, Sweden
coming soon, curated by Lara van Meeteren and Bart Wissink, Bangkok Biennial, Thailand  


Talkover/Handover 2.0, 1 a Space, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize 2017, Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong
CUHK Fine Arts Department 60th Anniversary Feature Exhibition, Cattle Depot, Hong Kong
Koki Tanaka’s Precarious Tasks #9: 24hrs Gathering (Timeline) , Spring Workshop, Hong Kong
Decongestants for West-Kowloonization: On Fire,  Conceptual Art Actions and Documentation Exhibition, C&G Apartment, Hong Kong
, Casphalt, Hong Kong

Mountain Sites: Views of Laoshan, Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing, China

HACK, BeforeAfter, Oi! Oil Street Art Space , Hong Kong
Jiang Ling – An Artistic and Humanistic Practice with On-site Intrepretation and Regeneration, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Art Gallery, Wuhan, China
what unimaginable forms, Comix Home Base, Hong Kong

Tales from the Taiping Era, Red Brick Museum, Beijing, China (L+: Pak Sheung Chuen + Yim Sui Fong)
Disappearing Photography Tour (L+: Pak Sheung Chuen, Wo Man Yee, Lee Soen Long and Yim Sui Fong)

  • Hong Kong New Territories session: September 9, 2014 (Organizer: Hong Kong Commercial Radio Project)
  • Japan Fukushima session: September 9, 2014 (Organizer: Arafudo Art Annual 2014)
  • Taiwan Taipei sessions: December 26, December 17, December 20, 2014 (exhibition: “Here is where we meet – an exhibition on participatory art”, organizer: Museum of Contemporary Art,Taipei)

Reincarnating II – The Future Teller, Wan Chai Visual Archive, Hong Kong

Lui Chun Kwong. You Are Here, I Am Not. From Ho Siu Kee to Kong Chun Hei, Osage Gallery, Hong Kong
Someone said: Fi_e _rts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Fotanian Open Studio 2008, Wah-Luen Industrial Centre, Hong Kong

Philippe Charriol Foundation Biennial Art Competition Tour (Festival Walk, Taikoo Place, City Plaza and Cattle Depot Artist Village)
Fotanian Open Studio 2007, Wah-Luen Industrial Centre, Hong Kong

Moving CastleExchange Exhibition of Four Cities (Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau), by Old Ladies’House Art Space, in Macau Ox warehouse, Macau
Expression-Impression by Sui Yim & Fian Choi, First Institute of Art & Design Gallery, Hong Kong
Expo, Pont Aven Gallery, France
Mountain Project, OC Gallery, Central Plaza, Sino Group, Hong Kong
Pastry, Graduation Show, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Seven Heads, Hui Gallery, Hong Kong

Open Studio, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

Alice in the wonderland, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
HELLO LONDON, Joint Exhibition of Y.S. Hui Fine Arts Exchange Programme, Hui Gallery, Hong Kong
Annual Exhibition of Fine Arts, Cheng Ming Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Award / Grant

WMA Masters Award 2017/18, WYNG Foundation, Hong Kong
Emerging Artists Scheme, Hong Kong Art Development Council

Finalist of Hong Kong Human Rights Arts Prize 2017, Justice Centre Hong Kong

HKADC Delegation in Gwangju Biennale 2016, Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Grantee, Prof. Maiching Kao Fine Arts Fund

Muriwai Earthskin Creative Residency Scholarship

Philippe Charriol Foundation Biennial Art Competition Finalist

PASCA Fellowship, Annie Wong Art Foundation

Residency / Exchange

Muriwai Earthskin Residency, New Zealand

PASCA, Pont Aven, France

Curated show

Our Everyday, Our Border, co-curated with Law Yuk-mui and Frank Vigneron, presented by Rooftop Institute, organized by Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong

Neptune Terrance, co-curated with Inti Guerrero, Neptune, Chai Wan, Hong Kong

First But Not Least– a joint exhibition showcases the first piece of work defined by the selected contemporary Chinese artists, Kong Contemporary Art Agency(KCAA), Beijing, China

Speaker, Artist’s Talk, Jury                                              

2018, Jury of WMA Open 2018, organized by WYNG Foundation
2018, Guest Speaker, The Southeast Asian Art Residencies Meeting 2018, organized by Green Papaya Art Projects, Philippines
2018, Guest Speaker, Listen Up?! thematic symposium : Grouping & Forming Party, organised by 1a space, Hong Kong
2018, Guest Speaker, Performance = action x art ?, organized by The Art of CUHK, Hong Kong
2018, Guest Speaker, From [Vanishing] to [Creation] : A Dialogue about Urban Transition, public programme organized by WYNG Foundation
2015, Guest Speaker, Fresh Trend Art Graduates Joint Exhibition, organized by Hong Kong Art Network, Hong Kong
2014, Artist’s talk, Art in Action,  organized by Meridian Space, Beijing, China


The man who attends to the times, supported by Oi!

Planning and Research, Made in Shek Kip Mei, exhibition and research catalogue, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong

2005-2009, 2015-now
a contributor for the feature column at local newspaper Sunday Ming Pao.


Private collection, Allen & Overy


2011      畢業於香港中文大學藝術系(純藝術碩士)
2006     畢業於香港中文大學藝術系(文學士)
2004-05 修讀於加洲(聖克魯茲)大學

視覺藝術家,天台塾聯合創辦人,L sub 成員,定居於香港生活和創作

個人展覽 / 藝術項目

2016《把一切當作迷失時的提示》, Muriwai Earthskin Residency, 紐西蘭奧克蘭
2005《遊瑞道》Bridge Gallery, 美國加洲, 聖克魯茲


越後妻有大地藝術祭2020 香港部屋項目

《過渡》WMA大師攝影獎2017-18, 香港中央圖書館,香港
《Artists’ Film International》 Part III 2018, 倫敦白教堂美術館, 英國倫敦
《coming soon》曼谷雙年展, 泰國

《廿年回歸前後話》,1a Space,香港
《香港人權藝術獎2017 展覽》,刺點畫廊,香港
《「藝術,是文化的氣象台」- 香港中文大學藝術系六十週年專題展覽》,牛棚藝術村,香港
「西九 化 談 實錄」之 《燒數簿2017》,觀念藝術創作實行 及 文獻紀錄展,C&G藝術單位,香港


〈HACK / 黑〉,《前後》,油街實現,香港
《文明》第三回:江陵,一種在地轉譯和多重再生的藝術與人文實踐,湖北美術學院美術館,武漢,中國(L+: 白雙全+嚴瑞芳)

《太平廣記》, 紅磚美術館,中國北京(L+: 白雙全+嚴瑞芳)
《消失攝影團》(L+: 白雙全、胡敏儀、李淳朗、嚴瑞芳)

  • 香港新界篇:二零一四年九月九日(舉辦單位:香港商業電台《集雜志》項目)
  • 日本福島篇:二零一四年九月九日(舉辦單位:日本Arafudo Art Annual 2014)
  • 台灣台北篇:二零一四年十二月六日、十二月十七日、十二月二十日(展覽:「我們在此相遇-參與性藝術文件展」,舉辦單位:台北當代藝術館,台灣)

《呂振光 有你‧無我 從何兆基到鄺鎮禧》,奧沙畫廊,香港



《山寨作業》, OC Gallery, 中環廣場, 信和集團,香港
Expo, PASCA, 法國阿旺橋


《愛麗思夢遊仙境》工作坊及展覽, 香港中文大學

獎項 / 資助

2018        WMA大師攝影獎2017-18
2018        香港藝發局青苗資助計劃
2017        入圍香港人權藝術獎2017
2016        光州雙年展藝發局代表團
2016        香港中文大學藝術系 高美慶教授藝術贊助基金
2006        PASCA獎學金


2016        Muriwai Earthskin Residency, 紐西蘭奧克蘭
2006        PASCA,法國阿旺橋


2018-19  《日常邊界》與羅玉梅,韋一空共同策劃,天台塾呈獻,大館當代美術館主辦,香港
2016        《樂翠台》與士日共同策劃,惑星海王空間,香港
2014        First But Not Least,空的空間,中國北京

講者 / 評審

2018   WMA 映香港 評審
2018   講者,〈東南亞藝術家駐留機構會議 2018〉, 由菲律賓Green Papaya Art Project主辦
2018   講者,《聽話?!》主題研討會主題,〈聯群結黨〉,1a空間主辦
2018   講者,〈展演=行為 x藝術?〉,由香港中大藝術主辦
2018   講者,〈從「消失」到「營造」:一場關於城市過渡的對談〉,由WYNG基金會主辦
2015   講者,〈出爐藝術畢業生聯展〉,由香港藝術網絡主辦
2014   藝術家講座,〈Art in Action〉,由時差空間主辦,北京

社區藝術研究計劃 / 出版

2009 策劃及研究員,《石硤尾製造》賽馬會創意藝術中心機器常設展覽及廠廈歷史書刊
2005-2009 , 2015至今,作品散見於《星期日明報》的專欄